Steve Clarke has studied A Course in Miracles and led study groups since 1996. In his teaching and practice, he seeks to faithfully interpret the Course’s process of healing. He has had a significant breakthrough in understanding and applying A Course in Miracles.

He has presented at the UK Miracle Network national conference, hosted the Oxford Miracle Café, and is a former trustee of the Miracle Network. He has completed separate teacher training programmes with Robert Holden and Robert Perry. He also completed teacher training in a physical healing modality. And while those all helped him make progress, he still could not really get, in a profound way, what the Course was saying about its method of healing.

It turned out he needed three things. The first was to have the complete and original Text and not the reduced Foundation for Inner Peace edition. He needed to be taught how to read it. And he needed to teach the Text to a dedicated group over the last twenty months. As they say, you really learn when you teach. What emerged is that the Course has a simple, practical and far reaching approach to being healed. The Course claims that if you follow the steps you will be healed and be able to heal others.

Consequently, it feels right to offer a ten-week online programme starting in October 2019 on the Course’s instructions on how to heal, focusing on the practical application of the steps. Details on the programme are available here.