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A 10-week, 20-hour programme on applying A Course in Miracles’ practical steps on how to heal, focusing on personal application.

The programme provides a foundation in the basic steps in healing yourself and others, expressing love to other people, and accepting the glorious and holy person you really are.

Key concepts covered include:

Forgiveness Preparing by becoming aware of your psychological pattern and the misery it causes you, and then choosing to want to be healed.
Healing yourself and others Cooperating with and accepting the holy instant where you will see the holiness of others.
Working miracles Making no decisions by yourself, joining in a holy relationship, and healing others through the expression of love.
Seeing your true self Seeing the face of Christ in others and, thus, accepting your own holiness as God created you.

This programme is drawn from A Course in Miracles: The Complete and Annotated Edition, and all references refer to that edition.

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