The Solid Foundation Volume II

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This programme covers Volume II of The Solid Foundation of A Course in Miracles in learning the basic steps in expressing love to other people. Its materials include a reading schedule, topic papers to go with each week’s reading, recordings of weekly video sessions, and guided activities and practices for inner exploration.

The only prerequisite for taking this programme is that you have completed Volume I. Therefore, as you know, improved benefits will be achieved the greater your self-honesty and the more you take each activity and practice personally. An attitude of determination, certainty, and expectancy of substantial results will also greatly aid your learning.

Please note that we have continued the chapter numbering from volume I so that we can give unique references across the solid foundation.

The Solid Foundation Volume II: Learning goals

  • To appreciate why we need to apply the Course’s ideas and practice to our own thinking.
  • To learn and apply the one practice of the Course.

Reading Schedule

A suggested reading schedule is provided for each week, so that you can complete Volume II, which covers Chapter Two of the Text of A Course in Miracles, in twelve weeks plus a practice week. However, you can go slower than this if you prefer. We would not recommend going any faster, as we will be examining the material is great detail, and giving ourselves time to apply the ideas and suggestions to our self.

Online learning system

The intention is that a chapter of The Solid Foundation is completed each week. The online learning system, therefore, provides access to the subsequent chapters on a weekly schedule. In other words, you cannot gain access to the week beyond your current one until the due date.

The system forces you to mark a topic paper as complete before moving onto the next one. If you want to get to a later topic or practice before you read a particular topic, just mark it complete and you will have access to later material within that week’s schedule. However, please do remember to go back and read the missed topic paper later.