Daily Guidance: 18 November 2021

Each day I try to listen to guidance and write it down. Typically, I receive material that helps with whatever I am working on – usually my writings on A Course of Miracles. But today, I felt inspired to ask a general question, and found the answer so useful that I thought I would share it here. Rather, I should say, I felt guided to share it here.

I offer it to you in love.

Question: Today, how can I be the presence of love?


The world is full of self-defined inadequate people. Don’t agree with their self-elected misidentification. Seek to remember that their true identity was and is set by God. ‘In the valley of the blind, the one-eyed man is king’ means that you, who are yet to realise your own true identity, can still help others remember theirs. The clash of false identities is the harsh sound of a cruel world. You rise above the battleground by refusing to accept their misidentification of themselves. All bad behaviour come from misidentification. Forget the symptom and, instead, remedy the cause. Rely on the strength of the Holy Spirit to correct your mind, and on the strength of your healed mind to heal theirs.

We await your decision, day-by-day, hour-by-hour, and moment-by-moment.

6 thoughts on “Daily Guidance: 18 November 2021”

  1. Much enjoyed and timely. (there is no world 😉 )
    Today I was thinking of the commandment “Do not bear false witnesss against your neighbour” which I take to mean just what you are saying. Do not agree with the false identity of yourself or another.

  2. This was most useful to me, just before reading it I had been meditating on the migrant/refugee issue, thousands of these people turning up on our shores each day. I asked about what was the correct way of thinking about it all. I can know see that these refugees are just misidentified. They seek human comfort outside of themselves, salvation in another country because they do not know who they are in God. By allowing the Holy Spirit to correct my mind, I can see them as the children of God they are and they can see it in themselves. I believe if they knew their true identity they would remain in their own countries and see their lives very differently, full of abundance and not lack. Thank you Holy Spirit for you answer to my contemplation.

    1. Hi Catherine
      Thanks for the comment. If I may, can I qualify something you wrote.
      I think the guidance is about not using our own or another’s behaviour to define the person. Of course, it is the way of the world to seek to modify the behaviour of others, which we justify in all sorts of ways. But the guidance is saying that behaviour is merely the symptom of identity. The world does need to be improved. However, attempting to modify behaviour, while not dismissed by the Course, is not the most effective way of improving things. Rather, it is by seeking to remember your own true identity as created by God. As a result of that, your corrected (or healed) mind will have the power to heal the mind of others of their mistaken self-identity. To be able to change others, we have to change first. But, says the guidance, we do not need to wait to be perfect at this. The very attempt to seek our true identity begins the work of helping others.
      This does not mean that others will then behave the way we want them to. It does mean that our and their behaviour will be more loving. But they may behave in a way that our former self would be unhappy with. It is not really about behaviour. It is about joining over a common sense of identity.
      For example, if there was a starving family living on the pavement outside your home, it is highly likely that you could not resist feeding them. Your heart would go out to them and you would want to help. Just because that starving family lives a thousand miles away, does not change your basic instinct to love. So what is going on when we fear masses of people crossing our borders? Such fear speaks to our sense of lack, that we believe that there is just not sufficient to go around, that our needs will not be met because ‘they’ will take it all. This is our self-identification as a needy and lacking person, and not as an abundant and whole being as created by God. And that misidentification will lead to our bad behaviour. We can see that in the cruelty too many have towards migrants. But the error is not the bad behaviour; it is the misidentification. Correcting our misidentification automatically changes our behaviour to be loving, and our healed mind connects to and encourages the correction of the mind of others. Migrants may still come to our borders, but together we will find a way to live in harmony and abundance. A real fix to improve things.
      Hope that helps.

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