Daily Guidance: 19 November 2021

Today I asked of guidance the question Miranda Macpherson suggested that I use way back in 1996. And as the guidance clearly followed on from yesterday’s, I thought I would share it also.

Question: What would you have me know?


It [practice] is about confidence. Believing in inadequacy, in your weakness, in your guilt, inhibits your ability to heal. Your mind is so powerful that any effort to believe in your inadequacy has a destructive effect. You are seeking to learn to apply your whole mind to the truth, which has only constructive effects. Begging to be shown the power of your mind while you put energy into believing you are less, will not have the beneficial effects you crave. When you can marshal all your thoughts, for a moment, towards the identity that God created, you will learn the unlimited power of your mind.

Your current misidentification topples you from Heaven now! Wanting to put aside all thoughts of you being less than perfect, is the way you free your mind to experience a holy instant of yourself as you truly are. Don’t concern yourself about the holy moment; focus instead on removing your split-will (between believing and not believing in your identity).

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