The Big Bang and the Idea of Separation

I was asked these questions a few months ago, and I thought you might be interested in the discussion.

Q: I am interested in your view of the big bang! You have mentioned it a few times and I have my own thoughts on it. Did the big bang happen when we had the idea to be separate from God? Before the big bang, there was oneness, then separation!

That is what others believe and I have accepted that as highly likely. But strictly speaking, I have no evidence and the Course does not say so.

Q: In T20.VI.8:6-8 “in the ‘unholy’ instant, time was born and bodies made”. But bodies were not made at the time of the big bang. According to Professor Brian Cox, we were algae before we were bodies, and probably before that, just atoms, protons, electrons and other subatomic particles.

I suspect you are reading in too many implications not necessarily in what the Course says. Let’s see if a metaphor helps.

If I was one of those guys who set up a massive domino display where by knocking over one domino thousands of others subsequently fall in parallel and serial displays. If the finale of the display is a pin popping a balloon, one could say that the toppling of the first domino pops the balloon even although there were many steps in between. If after the first toppling I left the room and for twenty minutes dominoes continued to fall before finally bursting the balloon, you could still say it was my action with the first domino that burst the balloon.

So it is with the unholy instant, time and bodies being made. Bodies were an inevitable consequence of the mad idea to be separate from God. That thirteen billion years went by without any bodies of any kind does not change that it was the first mad idea that created bodies.

The Courses suggests that even the separation was experienced gradually. Initially, just a moment after the mad idea, we would still have been Godlike with little difference between what we thought we are and what we were. But the problem had been set in motion. Gradually we separated further and further from our true state to where we have no recollection or experience of our divine nature and think us only separate bodies. (This drifting may analogous to the continuing expansion of the Universe.)

The Course also suggests it will take a similar time (13.78 billion years) for the whole Sonship to return to complete union with God, with us gradually regaining what was once lost. Bit by bit we will become more Godlike. It is only speculation but that may involve us being different types of bodies, and then clouds of sentient gas, or even some form of virtual experience in some great computer. Who knows? The point is that the desire to join sets in motion a whole series of events and evolutions that will result in our eventual return to our true nature.

Less this all appears to be a depressing thought, the Course also says that we will not experience the remaining time linearly. Rather we will jump like on an vinyl LP record landing several thousand years on. As we forgive, our experience of the remainder of time will be accelerated until we will whizz over it.

Q: Do you think the “space” between these subatomic particles is God? In this space we are held in the everlasting arms. That is my theory!!! But others don’t believe that… They say they believe God is a being… I don’t get that.

The Course is definite that God is not form and does not exist in time because form and time are not real. Attempts to retrofit God into our delusion are counterproductive.

Form follows our investment in the four illusions, just like the balloon pops because of the first domino. If you believe yourself a competitor, victim, victimiser, or guilty you will resist joining with another (the first step to Heaven in our recovery). If you take that step you both will then face the four obstacles to the extension of the love of your holy relationship to everyone else (the second and third steps to Heaven): the attraction of sin, the attraction of pain, the attraction of death and the attraction of fear.

The final step to Heaven, of God taking us back into full knowledge of our true nature with Him, happens when we finally hold no illusions in mind, that we see others as brothers in the Sonship of one shared mind, and that we no longer have fear of God. Bodies – central to sin, pain, death and fear – will no longer exist. Time ends in eternity. And we will know that the separation never took place, but it was just an insane dream that lasted just an unholy instant. And we will know that while we dreamt our nightmare we were always safe in God, resting in His everlasting arms.

So a better way of thinking about it is that we are in God, and we but dream a nightmare of a place without God. But God must be there because everything including us and the dream remain in God. There is no place in God where God is not. Being in Him, God abides within each of us, and in that the Holy Spirit, His Voice, His very Spirit, is constantly at work in our dream of time and space.

Q: Imagine, if we were the “space, light, wave” in between the subatomic particles that make up our cells, and holds us “all” together, our bodies would disappear wouldn’t they? And so would everyone else… T21.I:10-11

As I imply above, your suggestion is probably just an attempt to make our illusion real in some way. I have not noticed anything in the Course that tells us what happens at the subatomic level. Of course, love is attraction, and it is attraction that holds atoms together. Nevertheless, I suspect we need to focus less on the metaphysics and the theoretical, and more what the Course tells us to do. “This is not a course in the play of ideas, but in their practical application.” T-11.IX.4:3

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