We have found the way He chose for us, and made the choice to follow it as He would have us go.
A Course in Miracles

Workbook Practice Programme

with Steve Clarke

Weekly online conference call
Wednesday 7pm to 9pm, UK time
8 January 2020 to 28 July 2021

The holy instant is the heart of A Course in Miracles. And the Workbook teaches us how to have holy instants throughout each day. It is not often talked about, but when you are ready, and that is a significance prerequisite, the Workbook takes you from hell, through a series of transformations in self-concept, to the moment of God coming to you. All in twelve months.

Most of us come to A Course in Miracles thinking its promise is achieved by “getting through” all the lessons; that somehow the answer is at the end of the Workbook. Also, on their first attempt, and indeed later ones, most people do not succeed in completing one lesson per day for 365 days. We have off-days, it all gets over-whelming, and we discover that part of us actively resists our healing. It turns out that the prerequisite of being ready is a bigger obstacle than we first imagine.

So in this programme, we set ourselves the objective of really understanding and applying what the Workbook teaches by taking our time, completing five lessons per week for 74 weeks, with breaks for Easter, summer and Christmas.

Our objective will be to really apply the lessons in our daily lives, to learn to experience holy instants each day, and to learn to live in harmony with others. But more than that, we will seek to practice the lessons such that we are ready to call on God, and let Him come to us, so that we can remember Him.

Please note that our ten-week online Steps to Healing Programme provides an excellent preparation for doing the Workbook.

Steve is a remarkable and insightful group leader. He has broad knowledge of the Course and is able to relate to students who are struggling with some of its complex ideas. Added to this, his use of his original materials which summarize in clear ways large sections of the Course provided me with a framework of understanding and experience I could never have gotten on my own.
Kevin Donohue
Course student

Programme cost: Semester 1 £447, Semester 2 £355, Semester 3 £338, payable in advance of each semester.
As places are limited, please book early.
Booking: Email info@onemind.co.uk, call +44 (0) 1865 248943, or complete the subscribe form below.

Breaks: 13 – 19 April 20, 3 Aug – 6 Sep 20, 21 Dec 20 – 3 Jan 21, 5 – 11 April 21